Cracked tile

Large vertical cracks in your ceramic chimney tiles are very dangerous. When the flue is heated these cracks open allowing carbon monoxide to flow out of the flue liner and potentially into your living space. Over time cracked tiles collapse in shutting off the flue and causing the furnace gasses to back up into the home. Call us today and get these kinds of problems assessed and solved before the cold weather arrives!

Stainless steel cap

Our stainless steel chimney caps are custom made to order to perfectly fit your particular chimney and provide protection from rain and snow down your chimney. Diamond mesh protects against animal intrusion and a generous lid overhang keeps water from dripping on your chimney. Preserve your home investment with a chimney cap that lasts a lifetime!


It’s amazing how fast a chimney can go from lost cause to looking close to brand new. Here’s a before and after of a local chimney after a power washing and waterproofing treatment. The Stainless steel chimney cap keeps the rain off the chimney and critters out. If your chimney is looking old and shabby call us for a quote on a complete chimney make over.

Keep the water out

Your chimney is a giant sponge. As each season passes water becomes trapped. Water expands when frozen causing the mortar joints to separate. Over time your chimney slowly crumbles. Stop the water getting in with our Chimney Saver Waterproofing System. The chimney top is covered in CrownCoat while the flashing is sealed with FlashSeal. Finally all vertical surfaces are sprayed with the solvent based Waterproofing treatment forming a Gortex like barrier. Let us help save your chimney! Call today!

Real Estate

Are you in the market for a new home?

Are you wondering if you should have the chimney inspected?

Below are just a few photos from inspections done this summer. These chimneys will require thousands of dollars in repairs. Do you want to pay for these kind of repairs?

Call us today to schedule a chimney inspection starting at just $99 and get the seller to pay for these kinds of repairs before closing.