Cracked Tiles

It’s the beginning of the heating season once again so give us a call to have your flue swept and inspected. This time of year is the busiest for us sweeps so get your flue checked out early to avoid delayed repairs before the real cold hits. These pictures show cracked flues found recently. The repairs can be costly and insurance claims can take some time. Don’t get left in the cold!!

Chimney Waterproofing

Summer is a great time to think about getting that much needed chimney repointing and masonry done. It’s also a great idea to preserve that new masonry work with a ChimneySaver waterproofing treatment. Call today to get your chimney looking great and keep it looking great for years to come!

Chimney Crown

The top of your chimney gets the most wear and tear from natures unrelenting extremes. Once it has worn down water Can more easily penetrate your chimney and cause severe damage. Give us a call to protect your chimney and keep it looking shipshape for years to come!

Chimney Solution

Do you want a wood stove in your home but don’t have a chimney? The Ventis all fuel chimney system by Olympia is the perfect answer. We install the entire system from stove connector all the way to the top. Many configurations are possible so give us a call if you want the warmth and coziness of a wood stove on cold winter afternoons….

A good liner?

Most people assume that since they have a steel liner in their chimney that all is good. Well a recent inspection of a Z-flex liner found some disturbing evidence that all steel liners are not equal.

This liner was removed and replaced with a ForeverFlex premium 316Ti stainless steel liner system produced by Olympia Chimney Supply. Their liners are the best in the business and come with a lifetime warranty. We don’t install anything but the best. Our motto over here at Black Jack is “Do it once, and do it right! “

Your furnace flue

Most folks don’t give much thought to the condition of the flue that exhausts their furnace. Most assume when they have their furnace serviced the flue is checked as well. Unfortunately the vast majority of furnace technicians only check the draft (ability to pull gases up) of your chimney by putting a small draft indicator in the pipe and taking a reading. Almost everyday I find furnace flues in very dangerous condition due to either over firing of the furnace or wear and tear from sulphuric acid. In some cases home owners insurance pays for relining of your chimney. Don’t let your furnace flue cause potential deadly situation in your home. Call today for an inspection!